Sunflower Kooky Clock: Make a Clock with Clay and a Tiny Tin.

Wacky Time by rlcHung up on time? Set this funky clock on your desk as a reminder to lighten up!

I originally created this clock as part of the Tiny Tin Challenge and have been using it as my desk clock ever since! Materials are readily available at your local craft store. You can complete this project in an afternoon (depending on the drying time for your paint). To read the original post and access the other Tiny Tin participants visit A Ponderance of Things.

Materials List:

1 Tiny Tin

1 plastic, battery operated clock. Disassembled and reassembled using the tin as the clock face.

Sculpy Ultra Light oven bake clay

Acrylic paints and sealant

Paint pens for face of clock (optional)


Disassemble clock to insure backing will fit inside your tiny tin. Mark the spot for the pin that hold the clock hands. Drill the whole. File any sharp edges.

Create your Sculpy form directly on the tin cover. Be sure to check that Sculpy form does not interfere with replacement of the tin bottom. Bake cover for the required time to harden clay.

Once cover has cooled, paint your sculpture and clock face. Allow to dry completely before applying sealant.

Apply sealant. Allow to dry completely.

Reassemble clock onto the tin cover. Depending on your sculpture you may need to trim the clock hands. (Note: reassembling the clock may require realigning the clock wheel mechanisms).

Insert battery into clock and snap the cover back onto the tin bottom.


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