Re-Booting my Creative Life with a Creative Gift

There’s nothing like creating for others to re-boot your own creative spark.

We’ve all experienced times when life’s challenges seem to rob our energy, vision, and enthusiasm. Instinctively we know that to thrive we need to get back into our creative world, but the muse seems silent. I’ve found that when faced with these times creating a gift for a loved one or for charity raises my enthusiasm enough to follow through with the project.

I’m just now emerging from what has been a very difficult time. I knew I needed to complete a project, and that a deadline would help me follow through. Then I realized I still had time to send in an entry for this year’s Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE); that was just what I needed to get me rolling again.

Each year TAE hosts an art exhibit to benefit charity. Open to artists of all skill levels, the proceeds from sales of postcard size original artwork go directly to the charity. This year’s recipient is Pegasus, an Australian-based charity that provides horse-facilitated therapy programs for people with disabilities.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy entry is entitled “I’m Pretty Too!” A common moth, noticing human pre-occupation with butterflies, wants us to remember that every creature holds its own unique beauty. When we judge ourselves according to other people’s abilities or accomplishments, we become blind to what we ourselves have to offer.

Time is growing short, but there may still be time to send in your entry. For more information, visit Twitter Art Exhibit.